Author: Andrea Brenholz

3 Things I Learned Since I Became CEO

ATR International just celebrated a milestone anniversary on September 14: We’ve hit 35 years in business!  I’m so proud of my parents for their vision and hard work throughout the years. They founded the company and built it alongside so many wonderful colleagues — too many to name although I wish I could. I’m also […]

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What To Expect for Hiring in 2023

Predicting something that is so intrinsically bound up in human behavior is a challenge. Add on top of that the economy and labor market are still deeply affected by pandemic-related changes – nothing is exactly predictable. Nevertheless, trends are appearing. And without a doubt, there are actions companies can take to improve hiring metrics and […]

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The Hard-Hitting Truths of Quiet Quitting

Quiet quitting: it’s one of the newest workplace buzzwords. In fact, according to a Gallup survey, quiet quitters make up at least 50% of the workforce. Depending on who you ask, the term describes either disgruntled employees slacking off while getting paid or overworked employees giving the minimum effort instead of working unreasonable hours for […]

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