ATR’s Military Commitment:

Veteran’s Employment Program


Employing veterans across the country


If you’ve served in the U.S. military, you’ve sacrificed a lot during your life. Parades, awards, and handshakes are great ways to show gratitude, but they’re not enough. The amount of courage and dedication you’ve displayed shouldn’t just be celebratedit should be rewarded. 

Reenter the workforce


That’s why we created ATR’s Military Commitment, a program focused on placing veterans in contract and internal positions across America. Those who return to the workforce after their military service face unique barriers to employment, and ATR provides the additional support and career counseling necessary for reacclimating to civilian working life. 


Careers are our specialty


Many military candidates have been employed through ATR over the years, proving that the traits that helped you serve this country are the same that can lead to a successful career. Our specialty is harnessing your skills and finding the right role to apply them to. It’s the least we can do to say  thank you for all that you’ve already done for us. 

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When Heroes Speak, ATR Listens

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