Social Responsibility

Making the world a better place

We believe businesses like ours have a social responsibility to help the world and positively contribute to society outside of the solutions and services we deliver. Donating money is important, and something we do, but the most valuable asset any of us can give is our time.

Volunteering Time Off

For that reason, we offer Volunteering Time Off (VTO). Each year, employees are granted 40 hours of VTO to spend volunteering at the nonprofit of their choice. Many at ATR hold a certain charity close to their heart or are passionate about a specific nonprofit. Our VTO program allows them to continue to support those organizations without sacrificing their evenings or weekends.

Organizations we support include:

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  • The leadership team is honest, supportive, and helpful which helps employees to grow their careers, as well as personally. The offices nationwide are made up of great people who work hard to reach goals, build relationships, and have fun while doing so! Excellent training program. Great benefits and fair compensation offered. Proud to be a member of the ATR team!


    -ATR Employee

  • ATR has been my favorite company that I've ever worked for. It's small enough to feel like family, yet big enough to have us spread across the country. The work world is constantly changing and I think ATR is changing too. I greatly enjoy all of my coworkers and think the leadership team is transparent.


    -ATR Employee

  • I’ve been with ATR for over a decade, going on two, and have had a wonderful experience. At times it feels like I run my own business under the ATR name, which is great. The name ATR is a big benefit since it attracts quality candidates and clients.


    -ATR Employee