Author: Andrea Brenholz

Women Who Inspire: Kim Stone

As a fan of the Golden State Warriors, and a lifelong resident of the Bay Area, I watched with great interest as the new Chase Center rose as part of the San Francisco skyline and as a new neighbor to Mission Bay residents. Opened in September 2019, it’s an exciting addition to our community. Of […]

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Impressive Ways Companies and Individuals Are Adapting During the Pandemic

In this time of uncertainty, one thing has proven certain. We are amazingly adaptable. We have adapted to a wildly changed world pretty quickly and with few complaints. Many of us have adapted to working at home, others to trying to “replace” teachers, and all of us to wearing new fashion accessories likes gloves and […]

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Opportunities During this Difficult Time

The coronavirus has dealt a double blow threatening our health and economic welfare. The steps necessary to combat the virus are causing unprecedented upheaval in our daily lives. There are areas of the economy that are suffering greatly and will take significant time and effort to recover, but not all industries are affected equally. While […]

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