Anniversaries are a natural time for reflection. However, as we celebrate our 31st here at ATR, we wanted to do something different and more valuable for the business leaders and professionals who have helped us reach this milestone. Rather than look back at our big wins or fun events, we’ve compiled 31 tips from 31 different articles we’ve published on our blog. Whether you’re a hiring manager, job seeker, staffing expert, or minority business professional, we’ve got advice for you.

Job Search and Career Advice

Working with over 35,000 professionals throughout the years has taught us a number of best practices for your career and next job search.

  1. Honing your technical or role-specific skills is essential, but don’t forget about improving your soft skills. Working on your communication, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities will take you far.
  2. Keep your resume short and easy to read while staying professional and honest. It’s often your first impression with a hiring manager.
  3. Attending conferences is a rewarding way to network, learn more about your role or industry, and grow professionally. Here’s a list of some of the best recurring conferences for different audiences.
  4. Today’s offices are different than those of the past and require different mentalities. Modern office etiquette includes putting your cell phone away, staying focused in meetings, and thinking critically about your emails.
  5. Expand your idea of what mentorship is by finding a wide range of people and sources to learn from. Don’t box yourself into only one avenue for growth.

Hiring and Employee Management Tips

Throughout our 31 years, we’ve partnered with everything from small companies to Fortune 500 organizations, constantly learning and applying new and effective employee management strategies.

  1. Getting strategic at the highest level by fostering a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset will smooth out operations and improve hiring.
  2. There are many parallels between sports and business. Managers can learn and find inspiration about teamwork, never giving up, and recruiting from their favorite basketball or football team.
  3. As massive Golden State Warriors fans, it was great to meet coach Steve Kerr and learn how his team’s onboarding process can help any business improve their own onboarding.
  4. When it comes to improving employee retention, the best thing you can do is make your workforce feel appreciated and valued.
  5. World-class recruiting requires help from several areas, but the HR department plays an important role in eliminating bottlenecks and setting the right foundation to secure the appropriate talent.

Minority Owned Business Insights

ATR is one of the biggest and most successful Minority Business Enterprises in the country, trailblazing a path for growing MBEs to follow.

  1. Sharing our story, including how we persevered through adversity and encouraged greater diversity, provides several examples to learn from.
  2. Those seeking to grow their minority owned business are wise to monitor their growth rate, diversify their clientele, focus on their brand, and connect with other MBEs.
  3. The National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) is an important organization and resource for any MBE. Each October they hold a rewarding conference and their network numbers in the thousands.
  4. ATR does a number of things to support the minority business community, including mentoring other MBEs, engaging with diverse businesses when outside services are needed, and adhering to a supplier diversity support policy.

Inspiration for Women Professionals

With a female President and CEO, ATR sees itself as a beacon of light for women professionals everywhere and makes a point to support this vibrant group of talent.

  1. In order to achieve high levels of confidence, women professionals should never hesitate to ask a question they have or be afraid to speak their minds at work.
  2. Actress Regina King shed light on gender inequality in her 2019 Golden Globes speech. We must all accept her challenge to take a stand both in staffing and every other industry.
  3. CEO Andrea Brenholz is leading ATR in male-dominated Silicon Valley. She maintains that diversity is vital to business, and setting an example for other women is a great way to find one’s voice.
  4. The future of women in IT is especially bright, with many STEM education opportunities for youth and a number of support networks (such as Women in Technology International) growing quickly.

Technology Trends

While ATR serves a number of industries, we began our journey by specializing in IT staffing. That exciting industry will always hold a special place in our eyes.

  1. There is a lot of talk about the IT skills shortage problem, but Generation Z will prove to be the solution. Their sheer numbers, early interest in STEM, gig economy mentality, and focus on training over degrees with make them the future of the industry.
  2. The autonomous vehicle revolution is sparking a demand for a number of specific positions and skill sets, such as those versed in C-based programming languages, robotics, and simulation.
  3. Cybersecurity is an especially in-demand tech niche. To recruit this type of talent, hiring managers often consider targeting young talent, highlighting company culture, not requiring a bachelor’s degree, and investing in training.
  4. For IT professionals seeking to specialize in cybersecurity, it’s necessary to complete certifications and network with friends, colleagues, and mentors.

Staffing Industry Guidance

After three decades in the game, we’ve seen a number of changes in the staffing industry that have taught us how to adapt.

  1. Successful partnerships between businesses and staffing firms are based on flexibility, timeliness, and clear communication.
  2. Machine learning in staffing can help recruiters filter through large numbers of candidates quickly, improving efficiency and opening up time for the interview process.
  3. Artificial intelligence is also impacting staffing in the form of chatbots that can perform basic screens of candidates prior to recruiter involvement.
  4. Another technology making waves in staffing is blockchain. Powering smart contracts, blockchain can make vetting a candidate’s background and creating employment agreements a breeze.

Workplace Health Recommendations

Ultimately, staffing is about people and business is about more than just profits and losses. Concentrating on workplace health is crucial to the success of any company or individual.

  1. Managing your own stress at work requires proactive prioritization, utilizing vacation time, and opening up to colleagues and supervisors.
  2. When it comes to physical and mental health specifically, it’s important to adopt healthy office habits such as eating better, getting enough sleep, looking away from screens, and taking the stairs instead of the elevator.
  3. Accommodating employees with disabilities is not just about legal compliance. Implement the right technology, consult specialists, and educate your workforce to ensure all employees are empowered to fulfill their roles.
  4. Providing opportunities for philanthropy keeps workforces connected to the community and feeling good. Consider adopting a Volunteering Time Off program to encourage this; it’s good for people and good for business.
  5. A paycheck is not enough to keep employees happy. Properly celebrate your workforce by spotlighting employees online, starting competitions, holding prize drawings, and much more.


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