Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around since the 1950s, but in more recent years has exploded in popularity with companies and consumers alike. While some may fear the dawn of our artificially intelligent friends, many different industries have a good reason to be excited and interested in pursuing an AI-based strategy for improvements to the company workplace.

For instance, AI can help out with HR and Recruiting, making it easier to more efficiently manage your candidates and contractors. In light of this, AI technology has been making huge advances in how it is able to help out with the recruitment lifecycle process. Candidate screening, engagement, interview scheduling and new hire onboarding are just a few of the ways AI has started to be utilized in the staffing industry.

Smart Assistants and Recruiters

In the future, we may see the recruitment industry undergo a major shift towards “Smart” Assistants that are useful for making certain tasks easier for recruiters and Account Managers. Many administrative tasks are required to be completed by candidates prior to being submitted, interviewed and/or being hired. Often times, recruiters must constantly remind candidates to get their required tasks completed, and it ends up being hugely inefficient.

These Smart Assistants work to make this process more efficient by sending out consistent reminders for candidates to complete their tasks. Chatbots can be programmed to send out daily or weekly reminders about important tasks that need to be done, or have yet to be accomplished. These notifications could be sent over text message, phone call or email. By acting as a middle man, the Smart Assistant is able to help reduce the burden of frequent communication with their candidates to remind them of their tasks.

Improvements in Candidate Engagement

For screening purposes, AI is being utilized by having candidates interact with a Chatbot that asks them common candidate questions about the role, or asks for feedback or personal information about them. These chatbots can help determine if a candidate is good to move forward with a recruiter by screening them with basic job-related questions.

AI allows for this sort of engagement with candidates and can help add a more personal touch to candidates who apply for roles. Many of them often don’t receive a message back, or are left in the dark after they apply. AI can send out response-based emails as a way of verifying that a candidate has been submitted and thanking them for taking the time to fill out an application, then asking them if they have any questions they need a response to. AI has proven to be useful with filling in time gaps that are often necessary for completing more complex tasks. With the help of AI, recruiters can regularly check in with candidates through the use of personalized and direct messaging.

The Big Data Advantage

There is a huge data-driven advantage available for staffing firms that successfully integrate AI into their work environments. The technology’s ability to analyze big data about your firm and make suggestions based on the analysis is a major part of AI’s use in Staffing. With AI analysis, firms can score talent based on past history, such as length of time in their jobs or career path, which can then be used to make better and more informed decisions in the future. This kind of analysis can show a company data that includes employee attrition or failure rates and the likelihood of them getting a certain type of job, or staying with it. Past contractor history and other contextual data can be mined by AI and used as a valuable source of knowledge for staffing firms. This can help firms make better personnel decisions regarding promotions and retention, and also where best to allocate resources for jobs needing to be filled.

 The impact that AI will have on the staffing industry is going to be monumental once adapted. Fortunately, most human beings prefer working with other human beings, so the demand for recruiters will also always be strong and irreplaceable. Think of Artificial Intelligence as an augmentation for recruiters to make their work easier and more efficient in business and hiring. AI will free up recruiters to spend their time speaking more with candidates and clients, developing better relationships with both. AI is a fascinating field that truly has the ability to help improve the staffing workplace.

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