Meet Our Team

Lynn Bautista

Recruiting Coordinator

BS in Political Science: Santa Clara University

Hi, I’m Lynn Bautista. As a Recruiting Coordinator, I specialize in finding recent graduates to work with some of the newest technologies and hottest jobs. Our clients are always looking for new talent with cutting edge skills. Networking, and just meeting people, is critical to both me and anyone looking for the next or the first step in their career. Job fairs, industry events, referrals and numerous internet and social media sites are just some of the ways I connect with people. I love that the staffing industry is so dynamic. You are able to meet and get to know people both at a professional and sometimes personal level. It’s very rewarding!


Advice for Candidates:  See every job/activity/task as a personal challenge to perform your best. This is where happiness comes from on both a personal and professional level. It’s always rewarding when you know you gave it your personal best!

Advice for Hiring Managers: Look for attitude above all other skills sets. Many skills you can teach, but a good attitude is something that one learns throughout that person’s life. A good attitude is what separates stars from the pack. With a good attitude comes respect for others, discipline, loyalty, and other behaviors that make good performers.