2020 was a difficult year, and it’s easy to lose hope in the future with so much doom and gloom dominating the news. But we’re optimistic for the future and are here to tell you why in our free 2021 Silicon Valley IT Salary Guide.

Need to know the most up-to-date salary levels for technology roles in our region? We’ve got you covered, but this guide is more than just a collection of numbers. While compensation figures will help you make the right decisions for your business, you need more than that to truly be empowered. That requires taking a step back to see the full picture, looking at the employment stats and trends truly shaping technology hiring in Silicon Valley.

Several hard-to-ask questions have to be answered to accomplish that: Is the technology industry still as strong as it once was? Are people moving out of Silicon Valley? Is remote work helping or hurting the employment market? And are companies finally taking diversity seriously? The answers are enclosed, and they’ll do more than just give you hope; they’ll give you a blueprint for your 2021. They’ll empower you to determine an appropriate salary, but they’ll also open your eyes to the real story of Silicon Valley and not just the one the news focuses on.

This wide-angle view helps you recruit the skilled professionals who can maximize your company’s opportunities, and we should know. ATR has been here for 32 years, and we’ve seen it all. We know that things will be ok as long as we stay informed and adapt to a shifting market. Silicon Valley’s technology industry outlook is still strong, but it’s strongest when we come together to share our perspectives.


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