I would describe myself as an optimist and a generally upbeat, cheerful person. 2020 has been a challenge for me and my fellow optimists, to say the least! I don’t want to minimize the terrible pain and loss that so many have suffered or discount the hard work that still lies ahead of us, but amid the onslaught of bad news, there were reasons to be thankful, hopeful, and yes, even optimistic.

I am thankful for everyone here at ATR. We have an amazing team! I said so last month and I’m saying it again. The way our team pulled together and adapted to the reality of working in 2020 was impressive. Moving to a 100% WFH environment, amidst both professional and personal upheaval, showed just how talented, flexible, and dedicated they are.

I am impressed with how everyone was able to adjust and stay focused to help our clients. The nature of the economic effects meant that while some companies were in a holding pattern or unfortunately downsizing, others were faced with growth and increased hiring needs. Some of our clients pivoted their businesses, and we pivoted with them. Working in the staffing industry is rewarding every day; getting someone a job and helping a client have such immediate, tangible results. This past year, especially so.

One example we’re especially proud of is working as one of six suppliers finding thousands of people to assemble COVID-19 test kits. Playing a small supporting role in helping fight the virus was extra meaningful and one of the highlights of the year for us. Everyone brought enthusiasm and expertise to each project and got the job done without missing a beat, under the circumstances of 2020 – Difficult? Uncertain? Frustrating? Too many adjectives apply! We are not alone in doing so, of course, but it feels good to be a part of the solution.

The word “unprecedented” has been used often this year, but I am not sure it’s the best choice. Humankind has often faced tremendous threats and challenges, both natural and man-made. My personal family history, and so many of yours too I’m sure, intersects with these events, past and present. “Unprecedented” in our lifetime perhaps, but not in our histories, individually or collectively. Faced with these challenges, we have survived. Our creativity, resourcefulness, and sheer will to live have prevailed in the long run, again and again. That is a reason for hope.

As terrible in so many ways that this year has been, and it has been terrible, I am still optimistic. Very much so. I’ve seen the spirit and ingenuity in all of us in action. Our ability to find solutions, to recover and rebuild, is evident now as it has been before. It is realistic to be hopeful. I’m excited to work with my colleagues at ATR, our clients, and with the greater business community as we enter 2021. We’re ready to do our part to build our economy back stronger and better. We are ready to hit the ground running. With hope. With optimism.

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