Author: Laura Munson

Transitioning Out of the Military & Leading Teams: Insights from Josh Combs, Sr. Manager of Non-Employee Labor

What do voting, being a volunteer firefighter in Wisconsin, and enlisting in the military have in common? They are all milestones Josh Combs achieved soon after celebrating his 18th birthday! Josh is the Senior Manager of Non-Employee Labor at Liberty Mutual—recently promoted from his previous role as Manager of Procurement Labor Operations—and I learned about […]

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Supporting Working Parents: Insights from Lexi Hernandez, Executive Director of DE&I Workforce Initiatives

The business world isn’t designed for everyone—but it certainly should be. In my latest episode of Parent. Boss. Leader., a podcast for professionals and working parents, I had the pleasure of speaking with Lexi Hernandez, Executive Director of DE&I Workforce Initiatives at RTX. We had a lively conversation about a variety of topics, including her […]

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10 Ways on How to Write Job Descriptions in 2023

The workplace is often undergoing transitions and adapting to the market, but when it comes to hiring, there is at least one constant: job descriptions. Reviled by many but a necessary tool. The format has evolved from paper to virtual, and content once considered standard is now verboten, but these descriptions are still essential. As […]

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