Given all that we have been through, this anniversary is especially meaningful to celebrate. I am so proud of leading the company my parents built and thankful that we are here today, wiser and stronger for the experience of the past year.

ATR wouldn’t be in the position we are in without the efforts of our employees. To those who have worked together to serve our clients and consultants during this difficult time, I am unbelievably thankful for all you have done But I also know ATR is here today because of every person who has worked with us throughout our years in business. Whether you have been there from the beginning, you have stayed with us for years, or only stayed with us for a brief window of time, you all made a difference. Without your efforts, we simply would not be here to start our 33rd year in business. Thank you. 

We would also not be the company that we are without our clients and consultants. Our clients expect us to find the talented individuals they need to do business. Your workforce is one of the most critical parts of your success, and we appreciate the trust you place in us. We are grateful for the opportunity to help and could not be successful without you. Thank you.

Similarly, our consultants trust us to find them a job, a responsibility that we take to heart. Whether you are just starting on your career path or are a seasoned professional, we are committed to finding you a good position.  We treat everyone with respect and care throughout the process and place candidates with companies that do the same. I am grateful that many talented, wonderful people choose to work with us. Thank you.

I am excited about the next year, for ATR specifically and all of us generally. There are challenges still in front of us, that is true, but I am optimistic about our chances – people can accomplish amazing things! We can accomplish amazing things. Our company is just one example of what can be when we work together, toward a common goal.

Thank you again. I am looking forward to working with you all in the coming year!


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