I don’t have any siblings, so I’ve never been the middle child. I’ve heard about middle child syndrome though, and I can relate to the feeling because my company is a “middle company.” We aren’t a global, Fortune 1000 business, a startup, or “mom and pop” kind of organization. When you’re a middle child, it sometimes seems like all the focus is on your older sister or younger brother.

This holds true for businesses in a way too – interest, research, media coverage, support – all seem to gravitate to the larger and smaller. I understand why and don’t think it is unwarranted. Big multinational companies play a critical role, not just in our economy but in our entire world in a way that has shaped our very existence. Small businesses play their own, equally critical part in our local economies and communities. Of course, we should highlight and celebrate them!

I also know there is support for businesses of all sizes, and some aimed just at the middle. My real concern is the feeling that we might be overlooked when people are considering a staffing supplier.

We’re not like our older sibling. We are not a big global firm with offices in a hundred countries able to find any worker for jobs in any industry. They are wonderful firms, and we work with many in their role as MSPs. Many MBEs, especially in the staffing industry, are small firms with a staff of fewer than ten or fifteen people, operating in a narrow geography or industry. We started out that way years ago, and we work with and support our younger “siblings,” but we aren’t them anymore either. 

People often have a clear idea of the strengths and weaknesses of large and small suppliers but may not always understand as much about mid-size companies. I worry that people don’t see ATR for what we truly are or understand what we can offer.

And just what is that you ask?


Well, we offer:

Expertise. We have over 33 years of experience recruiting highly skilled professionals for our clients in the technology, financial services, healthcare, pharma, communications, and other industries. Our proprietary ATS and other processes are designed to deliver quality results efficiently. Our years of experience demonstrate that we know how and where to find the people you need.

Flexibility. We can adjust to our clients’ needs quickly and effectively. We can make changes easily because we have less red tape and layers of management. Whether it’s adjusting something internally or integrating with your process, we can pivot and respond. Need something changed in billing, requisitions, or timesheets to meet new requirements? No problem. We fit in to your business, not the other way around.

Scalability. Our size means that we can scale to fit, and we have a history of doing so – from rapidly hiring dedicated internal resources to opening new offices. Like our larger siblings, we have the experience and financial stability to respond as our clients’ needs.

Diversity. At the same time, we are a certified MBE, a Hispanic woman-owned business that can help our clients meet their diversity goals. We have a diverse team and are committed to finding the best candidates for the job. We are an active member of the NMSDC and other local organizations that help diverse-owned businesses grow and succeed. We’ve made a commitment to sharing our experience with others and helping our clients succeed in their diversity goals as well.

So, there is my bid for attention for middle-sized companies, like ATR. I hope I have explained the very real reasons why a medium-size supplier can be the solution for your company. We have similar skills as the big firms, but with some extras, AND we have the great benefits of MBEs that many expect from a small company. I guess we should be called a Goldilocks company – just the right size!

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