This year especially, I think we all have a greater appreciation for the things we’ve always been thankful for. I know I do. My family and friends have grown even dearer. Health, job, home – I am more appreciative of all the blessings I am fortunate to have. There are also new items on the list this year, including things I would never have thought I’d be particularly thankful for, like leaving the house, walking into a Starbucks, or seeing people in person.

I have to say, this year I am most thankful for my colleagues at ATR. Truly grateful. When our world changed seemingly overnight, everyone stuck together, rolled up their sleeves, and got back to work. We tackled the challenges as a team. I am so thankful for all of you.

ATR is not unique, obviously; everyone and every business has been affected by the pandemic, some more profoundly than others, but wow, am I proud of my colleagues. I am grateful for the way everyone adjusted so quickly to all the changes. To remain calm and focused on our clients amidst change not only at work but in your personal lives was inspiring. There are so many people who have emerged as heroes: first responders and healthcare workers, as well as some previously unrecognized like store clerks, truck drivers, and an army of delivery people! I am thankful for them too, but they are not you!

I’ve always known that I work with a wonderful group of people. We find great people for our clients all the time, but we also are lucky to have hired amazingly talented, dedicated individuals internally, many of whom have been with us for years. I am not surprised that everyone simply buckled down and did what needed to be done, but I am thankful.

People may say “what else would you do?” but the truth is it is always optional. It is a choice to bring a positive attitude to suddenly working from home. It is a choice to have a sense of humor about technology glitches and Zoom meeting fails. It is a choice to quickly refocus on the rapidly changing needs of our clients and bring the same dedication and skill to a new industry or geography because that’s where help is needed. It is a choice to stay up late after putting children to bed to learn more about a new client. It is a choice that ATR’s employees have made each and every day, and I am so, so, so grateful for your efforts!

We are in this together” has been the rallying cry of the pandemic, and it may be overused and tired, but it is true. So very true. ATR doesn’t exist without all of you. I can’t be successful alone. None of us can. Being reminded of how fortunate I am to call you all colleagues and to have been through this year together is a gift. One of the bright spots of 2020.

In the future, I am going to try and say thank you more often and appreciate everything and everyone in my life more – the small things and greater blessings. Know for sure though, that at this moment, I am deeply grateful for all of you and looking forward to the future together.

Thank you and happy Thanksgiving!



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