Communication has always been important to me and it seems even more critical to speak up and share now. As each day brings more unsettling news and new restrictions, it might seem harder to get through than the last, but there’s one thing to remember above all else: we’re in this together.

I am so proud of my colleagues. Almost without missing a step, we closed our offices and switched our operations to “home-based.” We all seem to have adapted to the challenges of working remotely. We are staying focused on our clients and consultants, ensuring that we deliver the services they depend on during this extraordinary event.

At the same time, we’re humans. There’s no denying that we’re living through a strange and difficult time. We’re experiencing the same things and feeling the same emotions as everyone else. It’s scary and can sometimes feel overwhelming, but there is always reason for hope. People have faced incredibly difficult times before. They persevered and survived, as we will.

My paternal grandparents endured WWII and then a communist regime for years before coming to the U.S. They are one of many inspirations for me right now. I know many of you have similar stories of courageous relatives who faced difficult, life-changing challenges industriously and with courage. Now it’s our turn.

They were tough and resilient. We are tough and resilient.

We may not think so, but people are amazing. We are amazing.

For every negative story, there are thousands of positive, supportive ways that we are coming together to solve this crisis. We will make it through this, together. Together we will be brave and ingenious and hardworking, and sometimes lonely and scared, but we will prevail. We have each other to lean on. We have the power to lift each other up. I add my voice to all the others reminding us to seek and offer aid and comfort where we can.

I want our clients, our consultants, our employees, and everyone in the communities we live in and support to know that we are here, every day, continuing to do our work as effectively as possible. We are ready to help you. We are here to support each other.

We are in this together. We will endure, vanquish the virus, and begin to rebuild to ensure a brighter future and safer world for us all. Please be careful and safe!


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