HubSpot_logo.jpgSince our founding, ATR has been committed to utilizing technology and process improvement wherever possible to improve our client and candidate experiences and to work more efficiently and effectively. Too often technology seems synonymous with impersonal, but it doesn’t have to be so, and we strive to ensure that it isn’t because there is no denying the benefits of employing technology in the right way. Efficiency, happy candidates, satisfied customers are all part of using technology properly.

Our website is one of the tools that we use to connect with candidates and potential clients. Websites in general have evolved in function and purpose since the moment they came on the scene and we are always trying to make ours better and more useful. We’ve been working for several years with HubSpot, an inbound marketing company that helps us provide the best user experience for visitors to our site. Recently, we were invited by HubSpot to share the story of our recent efforts to improve in one particular area.

Read the HubSpot blog post about ATR International here.

Over the past 18 months, we’ve been focused on making it easier for candidates to submit their resume. Our job is simple in one sense – we want to match great people with good jobs at our clients. To do that, we need to attract people, find out about them, and see what opportunities might be a good fit for them.

It’s wonderful if a specific job catches someone’s attention but that involves the candidate searching and reading and, searching more, and, well, you know. Everyone also feels like they need to update their resume – no matter how recent it is – before submitting. Naturally this often gets put off. It’s well-meaning procrastination – you only want to consider good jobs that are a true match with what you can and want to do – but the end result is the same. Nothing happens.

We knew that our talented and knowledgeable IT recruiters could learn a lot from a resume – even if the resume might need a little polishing before being sent to the client. We wanted to reassure people that just submitting their resume was enough, even if they didn’t see a job that they felt was a fit. It’s our recruiters job to match a job seeker’s skills with a potential position, not the job seekers. Then, once a potential match is found, the recruiter’s job is to reach out to the job seeker to further explore the possibilities.

Increasing the ease of submitting a resume involved adding new functions to the site designed to make it simple, simple, simple for busy professionals to send us their info. And we started producing content that mattered to candidates – advice on resumes and interviews, salaries and hot jobs. Posts that explained how easy it was to work with our recruiters, encouraging people to just submit their resume and let us do the work.

As we said at the start, we want both our candidates AND our clients to be happy. So how does a better candidate experience improve our clients’ lives? By tapping into talent pools that others aren’t, connecting with people who probably aren’t on the usual job boards or active on LinkedIn, we’re bringing new, talented candidates for our clients to consider. Connecting great people with good jobs at our clients is our job, and anything that helps that process is a win for everyone. Making our website work for us in delivering our services is a competitive advantage that helps everyone.

HubSpot is our marketing partner and so the post has a decided marketing focus and feel. We’re sharing it with all our readers because the reason for efforts like these are always the same; trying to provide the best experience for our candidates and clients. In this case we’re focused on our website, but we evaluate all kinds of technology and ideas for doing our job better all the time and implement what we think will be most effective. We hope that we succeed in those efforts and that you enjoy getting a little peek into how we accomplish it.

Read the full story here.

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