recruit ITSearching job boards for resumes, buying recruiter licenses for LinkedIn, and offering referral bonuses are some of the most common ways employers try to source and hire difficult to find IT employees. But the most savvy companies are now taking an extra step and developing relationships with the top rated computer science schools and computer science students even before they graduate.

Of course the best CS students want to work at the best companies, so make sure yours is appealing. Assuming your company has a great culture with interesting projects that offer an opportunity to work on something truly unique, targeting top rated schools and students might be a good approach for your company as well. Don’t assume you’ll just be recruiting undergrads, although they will be the largest target group. Graduate students and others with CS experience and skills will get to know your company as well.

The point is that you are tapping into an industry resource but doing so in a very proactive way. You’re not just waiting for students to come to your job ad or booth at a recruiting fair and you’re not trying to meet them via LinkedIn or Facebook; you’re seeking them out. Smart companies are finding innovative ways to develop partnerships with CS schools to provide support and help train the next generation of CS professionals that the industry needs. In the process, they are branding their company with these future workers and gaining an edge in finding great talent.

Here are the top rated schools for CS undergraduate students as ranked by US News & World Report. Happy recruiting!

1. Massachussettes Institue of Technology (MIT)


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