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By far the question I am asked most often is “how can I find the best IT workers,” and recently, with the job market for many areas statistically at 0%, “how can I find any IT workers!” I also field questions about how to retain those workers – whether it is ensuring that a consultant stays on through the duration of a finite project or retaining key permanent employees. People are unpredictable and motivated by numerous different things and not all of them are in your control. But there are things you can pay attention to that can make a difference. In our new eBook, The 3 Critical Things You Must Do To Attract The Very best IT Talent, ATR provides our advice on what you can do to find, attract and retain the best performers in the industry.

Perhaps control is the wrong word, too definitive – influence is a better choice. While there is great diversity and range in what matters to an employee, there is also some consensus about the things that most people care about. Based on these factors, there are concrete actions that you can take to make your company more attractive to the top professionals that you want to hire.

There are three key areas where you can take steps to position your company to find and hire the best talent in the industry:

  • Culture – Your brand and reputation are critical not only in attracting customers but also employees. How you run your business, treat your employees, and the reputation you have in the business world and the larger community, can play a part in hiring.
  • Opportunity – Top performers are interested in more than just a paycheck. The best people want to do work that makes an impact. They want to know they are contributing to the company’s success, helping the customers, and making the world a better place.
  • Recruiting– You need several things to be successful in recruiting top IT professionals for those hard-to-fill positions:
    • The ability to understand the technical requirements;
    • The knowledge to accurately evaluate a candidate’s skills and experience;
    • Access to the people who possess these skills; and,
    • The ability to sell the position and your company to the candidate.

Finding the right people to build a successful team has always been and will continue to be a challenge but there are real steps that companies and managers can take to make a difference. The eBook covers these areas in more depth and provides information on specific areas to focus your efforts on. If you can make your company a desirable workplace that the best performers will want to work at, thus improving the quality of the people you are attracting for an open position, you will significantly improve your results.

There isn’t a magic bullet; like so many things in business it’s about doing the right thing consistently and well. That’s how you get results. We hope that you’ll find our eBook another valuable resource in your arsenal of business tools.

Jerry Brenholz
CEO and President
ATR International, Inc.


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