We’re probably all familiar with word clouds at this point; even if you’ve only seen them.  Have you ever tried to make one?  It can be a little time consuming depending on how much text you’re putting in but the results are interesting.  Our word cloud comes from columns written in 2013.  Mostly, we’re not surprised by what we see – Information Technology, people, work, industry, staffing – all are prominent as we would expect.  STEM, career, employee, consultant, business – none of these are surprises either.  What is interesting is how the words end up near each other.  Look at the top where “experience,” “talent,” “workers,” and “understanding” are all grouped.  Or how “hire,” “looking,” and “want” are on the middle right, while “hiring,” “give,” and “success” are on the left middle; different connotations to each grouping.  “People,” “potential,” and “opportunity” are together at the top of the diagram, while “opportunities,” “company,” “business,” “employees” and “consultants” are grouped at the bottom.  The size of the words is determined by the count of each in the overall text entry but the position of the words in the cloud is random.  However, these random placements end up providing unexpected insights.  

All in all it’s a pretty good picture of what ATR is about and what we cover in the “pages” of Staffing 360.  We try to cover topics that interest our clients and our consultants.  We try to provide stimulating, thoughtful and sometimes fun content that helps you better understand the world of staffing, whatever your role in that world is.  Below you’ll find links to our most popular posts.  Enjoy, whether you’re rereading it or perusing it for the first time.  Thanks for your interest throughout 2013 and here’s to an even more inspiring 2014!


Most Popular Posts from 2013

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Posts from the Past that People Still Enjoy:

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