career testDo you like your job? Do you wonder if there’s something better out there? Something you’d enjoy more or maybe just make more money or have more opportunities? Most of us daydream at some point about our “perfect job.” Some are just that, dreams. It would be nice to play first base in Major League Baseball or first chair violin in the symphony, but most of us don’t have those kind of skills and talent. But dreaming about a new career path, a different position, can also be the beginning of real change too. How do you make your dreams a reality? Hard work, tenacity, planning, a little luck, and more hard work!

Seriously though, every journey, every change, starts with a first step. Before you have to do all that hard stuff, we found a cool little website with a Career Apptitude Test from Rasmussen College that can help you explore what jobs you might be suited for based on your skills and experience. You can filter the results by salary, expected growth, and other factors. It’s obviously not an in depth analysis of your personality or your skills but it’s fun and thought provoking! For those of us at Staffing 360 that tried it, it delivered some accurate results in terms of current positions (turns out we’re qualified for the job we have!) and some interesting options we wouldn’t have thought of on our own.

It’s quick and easy and the results just might get you thinking, and then perhaps moving. Enjoy!


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