temporary employeesSeptember 10th-16th is National Staffing Employee Week honoring the contributions of America’s temporary employees. No one is happier to recognize these men and women than those of us at ATR International. We are so proud to work with the wonderful, talented individuals that are part of the workforce at client sites all over the United States. Theodore Roosevelt said “far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” Our contractors are looking for the chance to do just that and it is our privilege to help them find the right opportunity.

At ATR, we use the phrase “Making the world a better place, one job at a time” and yes, it is our tagline but it is also something that we really mean and feel. If that seems corny, then so be it. When you are able to help someone find work that is meaningful and challenging and helps them pay the bills and put their children through college, you can’t help but feel that it’s an apt slogan. When someone confides in you about their hopes and dreams, when they trust you to help them with the next step in their career, it really is a privilege. When you know that over the years our contractors have developed vaccines and lifesaving medical devices, created software and applications that connect us and allow us to live our lives more efficiently, contributed to the development of alternative energy systems and networks that save money and resources, and researched the very foundations of life, it’s a tagline that means what it says. A week of recognition for the contributions that contingent workers make seems absolutely fitting.

We know how hard our employees work and the dedication and commitment that they bring to each assignment. We know how important they are to our clients because our clients tell us. We know that contingent professionals are a critical component of the overall workforce and the staffing industry is an important part of our economy, generating over $100B in sales, matching millions of workers to millions of jobs. National Staffing Employee Week spotlights their accomplishments so that everyone will know. Our employees contribute to the bottom line success of thousands of companies, from Fortune 500s to small businesses everywhere. Click here for additional statistics and information from the American Staffing Association.

Confucius advised “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” My own experience is testament to the truth in his wisdom. I love coming to work and feel very lucky to be in an industry that makes such a tangible impact in individual lives. I continue to be amazed and impressed by the incredibly gifted, industrious people that serve ATR’s clients. Our success would not be possible without them, obviously, but more important is the effect of their success on our society as a whole. I want to thank all of our contingent workers, and my own colleagues and internal staff too, for a job well done each and every day! We are a stronger nation because of your dedication and hard work. Thank you!

Jerry Brenholz
President and CEO
ATR International

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