golf, it staffingAs regular readers of Staffing 360 know, I am an avid golfer. I play often with friends, clients, and especially with my daughter Andrea (who truthfully is better than I am!). I am also very lucky to have the chance to support worthy charitable causes and indulge my passion at the same time. Springtime has me back playing with more regularity as the weather improves, and it occurred to me that perhaps I could stretch my passion for golf into another work related endeavor, my weekly blog post! I think there are some real “lessons” that can be learned from the game that can benefit those looking for IT staffing assistance or contingent labor in general. I hope you agree!

1. In golf, using the right club is critically important, in your workplace, hiring the right IT contractor is just as crucial. You can’t drive 200 yards with a putter, hole out of a bunker with a wood and or putt with a sand wedge. Neither can you run a software development project with a maintenance project manager or integrate legacy operating platforms with a mobile app developer in charge. Understanding the nuances of the requirements for each position and finding the right candidate for the job is what a good IT staffing firm can do for you, just like a caddy on the golf course. We’re here to be your partner, your advisor and make sure that you have all the right tools in your workforce “bag” to achieve success.

2. To win at golf it takes a consistently good effort over 18 or even 72 holes. Many golfers have great days, shoot holes in one, or tear through the front or back nine breaking course records. But they aren’t necessarily the ones who win the championship. It takes consistently good play, on every hole, day in and day out to be really successful. So too in the world of contingent labor, especially in the competitive IT labor market where you want to work with a company that really understands the industry and has a long track record of success. Any firm can get lucky with a “hole-in-one” contractor placement but it is better in the long run to work with someone who understands how to recruit in all conditions. Hire an experienced IT staffing “caddy” that can help you win contingent labor “tournaments.”

3. Golf is played on the honor system. This means that players keep score themselves and are expected to follow all rules and self-report all infractions. I’m not suggesting that the honor system should replace other checks and balances in all areas of life or that business can be run just like a golf game. We all still need to have contracts and KPIs and agreements on pricing and margins, etc. But I think it is safe to say that we all want to work with people who comport themselves in the spirit of the honor code of golf. You want to work with an IT staffing agency that tries to deal fairly and honorably with its clients and contractors at all times. You want to know that they are complying with the rules and regulations and helping you to do so to, honorably, not by skirting corners or cheating. You want a company that recognizes when it makes a mistake, owns up to it and makes things right. It just makes sense that doing business with people who think and strive to act with integrity will be a benefit to your firm in the long run.

I’m certain there are more business lessons to be gleaned from the golf course but 3 are enough for now. My final piece of advice today is to take some time and get outside in the beautiful spring weather with family and friends. Whether you play golf or just take a walk in the sunshine, enjoy!

Jerry Brenholz
President and CEO

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