Meet Our Team

Idrisha Moulik

Lead Technical Recruiter

Bachelor of Engineering – Electrical Engineering: Rajasthan University

Hi, I’m Idrisha Moulik. As a technical recruiter at ATR, my responsibilities include finding the right talent suited for the position. This involves working with my recruiting team, using our proprietary database and other tools to help find and evaluate candidates, and just plain old talking to people. I enjoy working with so many different people, and I love learning new technologies that help me do my job more effectively. I’m an optimistic, humble, and honest person who finds happiness in small things. I try to bring those qualities to my work.


Advice for Candidates: Be yourself and try to adapt and learn new things.

Advice for Hiring Managers: Please keep an open mind and see what a new candidate can bring to your team.


Cooking, baking and dancing


Disney – because you can re-live your innocent childhood days.


“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.