Supplier Diversity

The diverse supplier for you

Connecting with the right diverse supplier who can meet requirements on paper and deliver on promises in practice is a common challenge for organizations. As a woman-led, minority-owned business, ATR International has become the supplier of choice for businesses of every size. Our success and strong presence in the MBE community has garnered us National Minority Supplier Development Council awards, while our large size makes us the perfect mentor to smaller MBEs.

A quality-certified process

ATR’s TruRecruit model is the staffing industry’s only quality certified recruiting process, optimized for speed of delivery even in today’s hectic hiring landscape. It’s externally audited on an annual basis to maintain integrity and provides the diverse range of talent necessary for today’s businesses.

Supplier Diversity at ATR

Why Should Your Company Become a Certified MBE?

You may find yourself wondering why a company would become a certified Minority Business Enterprise. The truth is, there are many benefits including a wide range of business partnering opportunities. Certification offers minority suppliers the opportunity to connect with many Fortune 1000 companies. These large companies typically have a database where only MBE’s can register […]

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The Undeniable Benefits of a Diverse Workplace

Many of us know the importance and benefits of diversity and the benefits of having a diverse supplier base. In addition to being good for the overall business community to support MBE’s and other entrepreneurial endeavors, there are real advantages to working with companies owned and operated by individuals with diverse backgrounds and experience.

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ATR’s diversity efforts are led by Angelique Alvarez, our Chief Diversity Relations Officer. Her passion for minority businesses and ATR have led her to regularly speak on MBE panels, contribute to the NMSDC, and serve as a subject matter expert on supplier diversity.

Don't just take our word for it

  • I have seen firsthand their commitment to the diversity community, exemplified in several ways. They have a dedicated diversity manager. They share their knowledge and experience with other MBEs. They also regularly attend and sponsor NMSDC national and regional events. I’ve been impressed with their commitment and results.


    -ATR Client