This September 14 is the 35th anniversary of ATR International’s founding! I am excited and very proud to write that sentence. While I was around for Day One, I can’t honestly say I remember it (lol)—but I have countless memories of growing up with ATR: all the times I colored and did homework in the office while my mom worked; my first day as a summer receptionist when I was in high school; my first client meeting with my dad; my first week as CEO; and many more. 

The two constants throughout all my memories are my parents, Maria and Jerry Brenholz. Without them, there would be none of this. They saw a need, created ATR to deliver a solution, and worked hard—and then even harder—to make it a success. The firm they built has put thousands of people to work while helping hundreds of companies innovate, grow, and be profitable. They created opportunities, and often long careers, for the many people who’ve been part of the ATR team through the years.   

Their examples of hard work, innovation, kindness, respect, and integrity are what I aim to emulate every day as I shepherd ATR through the next 35 years. I’ve learned so much from both my parents, and they continue to be a source of inspiration and wisdom for me. 

When we first started our blog, my dad wrote for it often, sharing his knowledge and perspective on many topics. In honor of our 35th anniversary, I’m including some of my favorite posts. I hope you enjoy his leadership insights. 

(Thanks, Mom and Dad!) 

Are You Building Temples? 

Using an old proverb or story to illustrate a point is so Jerry! Proverbs usually make a good point though, and he uses this one to offer a different perspective on how we view work and its meaning in our lives. His long experience in business often gives him unique insights, especially into the staffing industry and the world of work. 

3 Lessons About Staffing That I Learned on the Golf Course 

This is one of many posts my dad wrote about golf (or other sports) and the life lessons you can learn on the green, court, field, or whatever playing surface your favorite game uses. He taught me these lessons in-person, but often shared his advice gleaned from sports with our readers. 

I am a lifelong sports fan who loves watching and playing, and my dad and I have golfed together too many times to count. I love the integration of my hobby and my business, just as my dad did when he wrote this piece! 

Mentoring: Who Inspired Me? 

January is National Mentoring Month, and in 2019, my dad celebrated by sharing his memories of his parents and how their example in business helped him succeed. I’ve always loved hearing stories about my grandparents. I think every child likes to delve into their past and imagine their parents as kids. My dad’s love and appreciation for his parents is so obvious in this post. I just love the honest expression of his feelings. My parents are two of my best mentors, too. 

To My Father, the Golfer, Who Gave Me My Drive for Business 

Surprise—this one is a bonus post written by me, but it’s about my dad!   

I’m so grateful for all he and my mom have done to create the foundation for ATR’s success—and I’m committed to furthering their vision in all the years to come. 


Learn more about our story and how ATR International is making the world a better place, one job at a time. 

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