Year end is a naturally reflective time and often coincides with setting new budgets and reviewing performance. I’ve noticed though that people can be hard on themselves. We are often quick to remember failures and gloss over successes. We are our harshest critics sometimes. I want to make sure that my friends and colleagues in diversity-related roles know that you have done a good job and we are grateful for your efforts. Thank you!

Whether we have worked with you for years or are just learning about your company and beginning our relationship, you have helped us. We know firsthand the difference a great program can be to minority-owned businesses of all sizes. The opportunities to compete that have come our way as a result of working with supplier diversity programs, both this year and in the past, have been integral to our success.

You’re making your company stronger at the same time you’re helping to make companies like ours more successful too, even if it’s by simply leading us in the right direction with key information to navigate doing business with you. Strong companies contribute to a strong economy. One that, together, we are working to make beneficial and equitable for us all. Your efforts make a difference.

Those of you who have diversity initiatives may find this surprising, but not every company does. Not everyone has made that commitment. Those of you who are active participants in diversity organizations and frequently sponsor and attend local and national MBE events might be similarly surprised.

Not everyone does the painstaking work of nurturing a relationship slowly and helping smaller companies learn the ropes. Not everyone works diligently to bring their program to hiring managers across their firm and perseveres in the face of indifference. Not everyone ensures that their MSP is a strong partner in meeting diversity goals.

To be fair, many managers are hampered by budget and staff limitations, not personal commitment. So, if you are a company board or senior leadership member that is truly funding your program and giving budget to the kinds of outreach and programs that take time and effort but make a real difference – I want to make sure you know that there are people who recognize your commitment and appreciate it.

I hope that everyone already knows that your efforts are worthwhile and something to be celebrated, but in case you don’t, this is my special reason for this year-end note! Your efforts at improving supplier diversity are making a difference. We are proof of that. We are a Latina woman-owned MBE, in business for over 32 years, and this year has been tough for everyone. We’ve been through tough before though, and I’m confident that we’re coming out of 2020 strong enough to survive.

Being a part of a community with common goals inspires me and helps me be my best. It is an exciting time to be working toward goals that so many people share worldwide, in our specific jobs and in our own personal ways. Thank you to all my friends and colleagues in the business community. I’m grateful to work alongside you all, building a business community that is diverse and inclusive, where we all have an equal chance to contribute and succeed.


Feel free to reach out to me and share your thoughts.


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