Think of the worst possible scenario for a job interview. Getting lost on your way to the interview? Interview questions about how many ping pong balls fit into a school bus? How about interviewing in front of a panel of VPs? Go ahead, come up with your worst case scenario.

Well, chances are, it comes no where near Guy Goma’s experience when he went in for a interview with the BBC. You see, Guy, a graduate from the Republic of Congo, went in for a job interview only to end up on live TV being interviewed about a legal case involving Apple Computers. Yes, that’s right, live on the air.

This horrific nightmare of an interview began with a case of mistaken identity. Guy was calmly sitting in the BBC lobby waiting for his job interview to start when a BBC producer hurried in looking for technology journalist Guy Kewney. The receptionist heard the name “Guy” and pointed in Guy Goma’s direction. And before Mr. Goma knew what had happened, he was sitting under the bright lights of the BBC television studio, ready to be interviewed by host Karen Bowerman. Despite Mr. Goma’s look of sheer panic at the 45 second mark of the video, he does a surprisingly good job of answering the “interview” questions. Let’s hope he eventually got the job.



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