We launched Staffing 360 several years ago and we’ve published nearly 300 columns since we started. In that time we’ve covered a broad range of topics and amassed a bit of a library of information. We’ve written quite a bit about the job search, what to do on the job to make yourself standout, and provided some IT specific information. Whether you’re a contractor looking for your next position or are currently on assignment, we think you’ll find these posts helpful. Let us know if they are and good luck!

When You’re Looking for a Job

7 Tips for a Discreet Job Search

8 Basics for a Successful Job Search

How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Volunteering May Help You Land Your Next Job

The Job Search: When Experience Isn’t Enough

7 Things That Are Unacceptable During Your Job Search

When You’re Interviewing

9 Questions You Should Ask an Interviewer

Getting Job References Right

Be Prepared: The Interview Checklist

After the Job Interview

The Job Interview: Why Didn’t They Call You Back and What To Do

When You’re Already on the Job

Sleep and Productivity

How To Get Promoted At Work

5 Ways To Be Memorable At Work

Are You An Indispensable Employee?

10 Tips for Getting Ahead at Work

The Importance of Proper Grammar in the Workplace

IT Specific Information

IT Trends to Watch in 2014

Finding an IT Job – Don’t Send a Resume

LinkedIn and Your Search for an IT Job

The Truth About Salary and IT Workers

Finding an IT Job – Should you consider temporary employment?

6 Must Do’s for Converting an IT Contract Job into a Regular Job


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