describe the imageGoing for a job interview can be one of the more nerve-racking things in life. What will they ask you? Will you be able to answer correctly? Are you dressed appropriately? It’s almost more stressful than a first date. But if you are properly prepared, you can increase your comfort level and boost your performance.

Here is an interview checklist to make sure you are fully prepared on the big day.

You definitely do not want to get lost on the way to your interview. If possible, make a trip to the interview location a day or two before the big day. Knowing where the location is ahead of time will ease your mind and ensure you make it to the interview on time.

Pen and Paper
Nothing says “I’m interested” more than someone taking notes. Don’t rely on your memory. Jot down the names of everyone you meet along with any important information you hear during the interview. You can refer to this information later on when you write your “thank you” emails.

5 Copies of Your Resume
Bring at least 5 copies of your resume, maybe more. You never know when someone will be pulled in to speak with you who has never seen it and has no idea who you are. This is a great way to show that you are prepared.

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Never volunteer your references (it’s too presumptuous). But do make sure you have them printed out on nice paper just in case someone asks for them. Be sure to let your references know if you do give them to someone who interviewed you.  

This really is the key to your success. Research the company to exhaustion. Their history, products, services, culture, locations, news items, industry, etc. Also read everything you can find about the individuals that will be interviewing you along with any information that is available about the senior officers of the company. Leave no stone unturned in your pursuit of pre-interview knowledge.   

Always ask questions. Become engaged in a conversation with the interviewer rather than simply answering questions.

Practice, practice, practice your answers to every interview question you can think of. There are countless resources on the Internet that address this subject. Read a number of them and then formulate your answers based on the knowledge you have gained during your research.

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