MBE handsI would like to share a positive story about MBE to MBE spend with the hopes of inspiring other companies to support Diversity spend as well. A company does not necessarily need a Tier 2 program to support Minority Businesses. We have to remember that every bit helps.

As a certified MBE business ourselves, we at ATR have a strong belief in the business benefits of a Minority Supplier and understand that we too can set an example by taking part in supporting and practicing it ourselves. I have met many professionals involved in Supplier Diversity who are genuine and dedicated individuals willing to assist one another by supporting and sharing best practices. I had the pleasure of meeting one of these individuals at an MBEIC Committee meeting for the NCMSDC. Her name was Liz Tsuji with Keystone Gifts. She was very friendly and gave my colleague and me one of her products – a sleek pen for our cell phones.

It just so happened that not too long after we met, ATR had an open house planned for a new office in Charlotte, North Carolina. What better opportunity for us to deepen our commitment to Supplier Diversity by supporting a fellow MBE? We were able to contact Liz and she provided us with the products we needed to give to our open house attendees. We thank you Liz.We now have a new MBE business partner that we can contact and support.

As a Certified MBE, we know what just one open door can do by having the opportunity to showcase our talent to a Corporation as an MBE. This commitment and belief that we all share as one and an example we can set for one another which contribute to the shaping of the future of the Minority Business World.

We all know that just because you are certified, it does not mean your company will be provided with business opportunities. Success requires quality and excellence in the products/services that your company provides along with the effort to understand your clients’ needs. Leaving a lasting impression can be the factor in the start of a new business relationship.

Angelique Solorio
Corporate Outreach Manager/Supplier Diversity
ATR International

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