Hire the Best IT Employees NowThis week I am pleased to present ATR’s newest eGuide “7 Expert Tips for Hiring the Best IT Employees” We’ve been placing skilled contractors in IT, and other technical and engineering positions, for nearly 25 years, and this eGuide is our latest effort to share our knowledge and best practices with you.

Hiring decisions are among the most important decisions a manager makes; a good decision can be the difference between success and failure, for your department or even company. It is always a challenge to find and retain the best people, and the price of failure is ever more painful and costly. In his book, Hiring for Attitude, Mark Murphy writes that “46% of new hires fail in the first 18 months,” which among other things points to the difficulty of accurately evaluating candidates before hiring them. How can you make sure that your next new hire isn’t one of those statistics?

Our eGuide provides advice on how to make the personal interviews you conduct with candidates more productive and revealing. Find advice on the following topics:

  1. The difference between sourcing and recruiting
  2. How to use behavioral interview questions
  3. What unique, puzzle, and problem solving questions reveal
  4. The importance of screening for attitude
  5. Why cultural fit is critical
  6. How we can help you make IT hires nearly mistake-free by bringing people on board as contract-to-direct employees

We hope that you find our advice helpful and I’d like to also point out that while we have focused specifically on IT, many of these techniques are valuable and adaptable to any industry and any hiring decisions that you need to make. The key lesson is that it takes more than just traditional interview and evaluation techniques to accurately determine whether someone is going to be a good fit on all levels. In my experience, and I’m sure most of yours, the so-called “intangibles” are the key difference between a successful hire and a failure; between a good employee and a great one. My years of experience have also taught me that these are not actually intangible, it just takes a more precise and careful effort to elicit the information you really need. Download our eGuide to add to your ability to effectively evaluate and hire the best employees!

Download: 7 Expert Tips for Hiring the Best IT Employees


Jerry Brenholz
President and CEO

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