The National Minority Supplier Diversity Council (NMSDC) is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Congratulations! That’s 50 years of advocating and supporting MBEs, helping them grow and reach their full potential, and building a more inclusive, equitable economy. The NMSDC and its 23 affiliates have connected more than 15,000 MBEs with more than 1,500 corporations to work together, generating billions in revenue annually and employing millions of people. It is a great legacy and the people who made it happen over these past five decades should be very proud!

Proud to Be a Member

ATR is one of the companies that has benefited from their advocacy and efforts. We’ve been NMSDC-certified for nearly 30 years and an active member of our local council, the Western Region MSDC, as well. It has absolutely been a part of our success, opening doors and offering the opportunity to learn from others while sharing our knowledge and experience with new members. I have also personally benefited from the amazing people I’ve met from our corporate partners, other MBEs, and council employees. Everyone has always been willing to share their knowledge and has been truly committed to the mission of the organization and the purpose of membership. It’s a very supportive network.

Benefits for Days

If you are considering applying for certification, I highly recommend it. The first and perhaps most obvious benefit of the certification is that many corporate programs only work with companies that are certified. But there is much more! There are programs and events specifically designed to help you learn and improve your business and its ability to serve and work with large organizations like hospitals, universities, and of course, corporations. Learning how to navigate their corporate purchasing programs and online systems is very helpful, and there are classes on topics like how to get funding, complete RFPs, use social media, and more. Certification also gives you access to the NMSDC’s online directory and database. It’s a valuable package of benefits.

See for Yourself!

The Annual Conference and Exchange is about to take place in New Orleans from October 30 to November 2. I hope you are planning on attending! It is a fantastic opportunity to learn new things, meet new people, reconnect with others, and celebrate together in person for the first time in several years. Plus, it is New Orleans! 

While the NMSDC is celebrating, and rightly so, it is also focused on the future. Ying McGuire, President and CEO, has said, “We need to harness the momentum of the last 50 years to propel us forward on our march towards $1 trillion in annual revenue for certified MBEs. If ever there was a time to show up, speak up, and step up, this is it.”

The NMSDC is looking to its members for advice and input on charting the course for the next 50 years. While much has been achieved there is much that remains to be done to achieve true parity and equality. Working together we can ensure greater growth and success for us all. 

Congratulations again to everyone at NMSDC!

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