Women Who Inspire: Reshma SaujaniI love what Reshma Saujani is doing with her organization for two reasons, both equally important to me.

First, as a woman, I know that other women have paved the way for me, especially in business. I want to do the same. Supporting and mentoring girls and young women in the way that I was supported and encouraged is important to me. In my personal charitable efforts, I look for opportunities to do that. We all have a role to play in creating strong, vibrant communities by helping the next generation reach their potential.

Second, our company is a staffing agency that specializes in finding highly skilled, technical professionals for our clients. The shortage of skilled talent, and the gender gaps that exist in IT, engineering, and other industries is a concern to me as a business woman. I need more technical talent! We need more developers, programmers, engineers, and the list goes on. The untapped resource that the gender gap in STEM represents is a big part of the solution to this shortage.

I love the fact that Reshma saw a need and took action. It’s often easier to see a problem and talk about possible solutions than it is to actually do something concrete. It’s even easier to be tripped up by roadblocks and red tape, naysayers and self-doubt. Reshma has managed to forge ahead and create an organization that is making a difference after just six years!

Is the problem solved? No, of course not. Big issues seldom have a single solution or are solved overnight. But she is making inroads in a practical, manageable way with great possibilities for growth which would make an even larger impact. This kind of practical solution is inspiring to me. It reminds me that direct action on whatever scale possible for me (or you!) makes a difference.

Learn more about Girls Who Code

Listen to Reshma’s TED Talk: Teach girls bravery not perfection

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