2018 was a great year, full of activity in the staffing industry and other sectors that we operate in. It was a huge year for ATR, one that saw longtime employee Andrea Brenholz promoted to the position of CEO/President. As we reflect on last year’s accomplishments, big wins, and memories, we also wanted to take this opportunity to showcase five of our favorite thought leadership blog posts from Andrea.


#1: Furthering a Family Owned Business

Last year ushered in a big milestone for ATR: our 30th anniversary. Given our growth over the years and longevity, many business owners have asked Andrea for advice on how they can take their organizations to the next level. Andrea approached this topic in her August article, What It Takes to Run the Next Generation of a Family Owned Business.” In it she looks at what makes family owned businesses different and how they can carry on a legacy while evolving.1

#2: Supporting Working Women

Andrea has spent her life serving as an example for women in business everywhere. In July’s blog, Growing Confidence: How Female Professionals Succeed in 2018,” she details a vital key to her success. Still applicable in 2019, the piece focuses on how women can gain the confidence necessary to break barriers and obtain the roles they deserve.


#3: Refining the Recruiting Process

Early on in 2018, Andrea shared advice for businesses in her article, Why the Candidate Screening Process Is the Most Crucial Aspect of Recruiting.” Identifying the screening process as critical to hiring success, Andrea describes how streamlining this single function can have lasting and positive effects. Her tips include rethinking the resume review process, limiting decision makers, and more.3

#4: Encouraging Diversity in Business

ATR International has become synonymous with the Minority Business Enterprise community, and for good reason. In ATR’s Story: How We Became a Leading Minority Business Enterprise,” Andrea discusses the beginnings of the company, how early adversity shaped who we are today, and why pursuing diversity within diversity benefits organizations.4-2

#5: Bolstering Your Career

Always an advocate for the professionals whose skill sets keep the business world revolving, Andrea offers advice to talent in 4 Reasons Building Relationships Helps Build Your Tech Career from April. While it speaks to a more technical audience, the piece is applicable to professionals in every sector. Included for discussion are ways relationships and networking help in the short and long-term.5-1

#6 (Bonus!): Volunteering, Volunteering, Volunteering

At ATR, we plan to go above and beyond throughout 2019. With that mentality, we wanted to take this blog one step further and add an extra entry that covers a topic we are all passionate about. In Why We Offer Volunteering Time Off and How it Impacts Our Community,” Andrea details ATR’s progressive VTO policy, expounding on why volunteering is so important for professionals, businesses, and humanity.6

Our CEO’s Top 5 Blogs of 2018

As you can see from the above, Andrea’s staffing industry insight and advice holds something for everyone. With 2019 underway, we look forward to sharing more of her professional expertise throughout the year and beyond. If you have any questions for Andrea or want her to write about a certain topic, let us know in the comments below!

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