ATR and St Jude

We believe in giving back and supporting the organizations that help make them safe and strong.  ATR International supports our employees’ individual efforts and contributes at the corporate level too. We are privileged to help many wonderful local and national non-profits that provide critical services.

Today we spotlight St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Founded by actor and comedian Danny Thomas in 1962, St. Jude works to help fund research into treatments for childhood cancer and life-threatening diseases. They are kind enough each year to invite donors to Memphis to see first hand the incredible work they do and how it is saving lives daily. This year, Account Executives Sara Delaney and Dana Bohman from our Charlotte office visited St. Jude to tour the facilities see the progress being made in treating, curing, and preventing childhood illness.

ATR Visits St Jude

To put it simply, they were amazed.

Sara and Dana were moved by the love and thoughtfulness that St. Jude selflessly reflected in their work, whether they were researchers or clinicians, medical or administrative staff, all were focused on one goal: treating children of all ages and locations, and doing so with dignity and compassion.

For example, throughout the tour, they saw different murals along the walls that the children had worked on over the years. Dana learned about the many activities that the kids were able to participate in like Prom events for older children and Valentine’s Day mailboxes for the younger ones. The staff’s dedication to helping the children participate in normal activities, while undergoing treatment, was inspiring!

Sara noticed how everyone showed compassion and care for the patients, and incredible dedication and motivation for the work being done there. Everyone. One story that was particularly heartwarming and exemplified this was about a young patient who would only eat his grandmother’s mac and cheese recipe. Upon hearing this, the chef at St. Jude’s visited the grandmother’s house to learn how to make the dish for the young man!

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying that when you give, you actually receive more. Sara and Dana would agree. Seeing these passionate, dedicated people at work, and hearing stories about the children, brought the importance of ATR’s support into focus. St. Jude’s commitment to never turning a child away because of a family’s ability to pay reinforced how critical that support is, now and for a better future. Everyone at ATR is thankful that there’s a place like St. Jude and very proud to play a small role in its success.

Sara and Dana shared that the day was “an all-around amazing experience and one that we will cherish.”

Check out St. Jude’s website for more information on the amazing things they are accomplishing!


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