A Fourth of July Promise KeptHolidays are meant to be a time of celebration and reflection, and this 4th of July is no different. Back in 2012, Jerry Brenholz, who cofounded ATR International with his wife Maria 30 years ago, wrote about what America meant to him and his family in honor of the holiday:

“The invitation to join this great nation, to find liberty and happiness and to contribute to the success of the country is one that many have accepted since its founding in 1776. It is an invitation that my family accepted in 1965 when my mother, father, sister and I, at the age of 23, came from Poland to the United States.”

In telling his story he reminds us all of the ideals our nation was founded on and how those ideals act as an example and a promise to the citizens of the U.S. and others around the world. As we prepare to officially celebrate the 30th anniversary of ATR this September, we’re sharing past columns that we feel are indicative of ATR’s values and tell our story. We hope you enjoy Jerry’s thoughts and have a safe and happy 4th of July!


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