hear-from-you.pngAre you a C++, Java, or .NET Developer? Then we want to talk to you! Do you have seven or more years of experience? We really want to meet you!

Are you a project manager with banking experience? Are you a senior IT professional who has worked on system integration projects? Do you live in the Charlotte, NC, or Minneapolis, MN area? We need more people like you!

Are you a Business Analyst? Have you worked in the healthcare or medical device field? We want to talk to you too!

It’s probably not news to you that you are in demand; we’re pretty sure you already receive calls and emails from recruiters that tell you this. The laws of supply and demand are always at work and in IT right now, the demand is high, and the supply limited. So, news flash, we really want to meet you.

The question is, why should you want to meet us?

Being in demand can also be overwhelming. A flood of emails and phone calls can be daunting; wading through lots of opportunities to find the good ones a formidable task. Working with a reputable staffing firm and good recruiters can make a big difference.

For example:

  1. Working with us will save you time.  If you are currently working, you simply may not have time. As an IT professional you hear about great opportunities and people paying top dollar, and you can’t help but wonder “What’s really out there? Is there something right for me?” You should check out the job boards, but that’s time consuming.

    Let us do the work for you. We’re not interested in sending you on fruitless interviews for jobs for which you are not suited. It’s not how we keep our clients happy and it certainly isn’t how we treat our contractors. We know what our clients are looking for and we understand your skills and what your experience really means. We’ll match you appropriately based on you, weeding through the jobs that look good but aren’t really a fit for you.

  2. You’ll get access to more interesting jobs at leading companies.  We work with many of the top companies in the healthcare, medical device, aerospace, and financial services industries, just to name a few. We can connect you with interesting work at great companies. Whether you want to continue to build your resume as a contractor or are hoping to gain an entrée to a full time position, we work with some of the largest and most prestigious companies. You’ll be doing interesting work that will enhance your skills and experience.

  3. You can feel confident working with an established business that you can trust. There are literally thousands of staffing firms and hundreds of IT specialists. While most firms are honest, decent people running legitimate businesses, there are always a few bad apples. We’ve been in business for over 25 years, and long term success like that doesn’t happen when you cut corners, treat clients and contractors badly, or worse, do anything illegal.

    When you work with ATR you have a trusted business partner, who understands the IT industry deeply and can help you find meaningful work at good pay, while staying true to our mission and values.

So if you’re looking for your next contract assignment or are thinking about trying contracting for the first time, we can help. If you’re wondering what opportunities are out there for a talented IT professional like you, we can answer that question. If you want help getting access to jobs at leading companies, work with us. You can look through our job openings yourself, or even better, just submit your resume and we’ll be in touch when we find a good match for your skills.

Click here to send us your resume. Our IT Recruiters will get to work finding your next job.

We work hard to use technology smartly to streamline our process and make things easier for our contractors and clients but we never lose sight of the fact that at the heart of it all, on both sides of the equation, are people. Your resume is always reviewed by a real person at ATR. We want to get to know you – what your career aspirations are, what you can do, and where you’d like to do it. We have clients who are anxious to fill their openings and need your help. Let us connect you with them.

We’ll end where we began – we want to meet you and we hope you want to meet us too!

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