advice-1.jpgYour resume is the first thing that gets you noticed by potential employers. A good one gets you to the next step, an interview. A bad one, and you’re fast tracked to the no pile. We can help you avoid this fate. We know resumes – the good, the bad and the ugly – and we’ve shared our expertise in a number of ways, including through this blog.

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  1.      9 absolute DON’Ts for your resume
  2.       3 things job seekers can learn from Leonardo da Vinci’s resume
  3.       How to optimize your resume for an Automatic Tracking System (ATS)
  4.       This is the font to use for your resume
  5.       Get rid of that objective section in your resume ASAP
  6.       It’s critical to have a great summary section
  7.       How to write the perfect work history section
  8.       The rest of the resume – 15 tips on contact info, education, technical skills, and more
  9.       No one cares about your cover letter, most of the time

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