Our goal at Staffing 360 is to give our clients and contractors news, information, and advice that is relevant and useful. We’ve often written about the importance of staying up to date on your skills, or developing competency in new technologies, platforms, or programming languages. Just wanted to share the article 10 Great Websites for Learning Programming from Information Week in case you missed it.

The author, Thomas Claburn, rightly points out that:

“You need a foundation, some level of familiarity with the syntax and patterns in whatever programming language or framework you [need to work in]…you need some sense of basic programing concepts and the scope of possibilities. The Web, a labyrinth of code, is full of educational resources that can help you lay that foundation.

We second the author in pointing out the caveat:

“If you want to create your own browser, programming language, or machine learning system, you’ll probably be better off enrolling in a reputable computer science program than trying to cobble the necessary skillset together through online tutorials.”

But, if you are a senior IT professional who just wants or needs to learn a particular new language or system, online courses could be a great answer. Similarly, if you are in the early years of your career, this can be a free, in most cases, relatively inexpensive in others, way to add to your skills. If you have that computer science degree and a few years of experience, these kinds of classes and tutorials can be a real option.

Keep in mind also that this is not a comprehensive list and is presented in random order not preferential. Different needs and interests will be better served by one or another option. No one of these is the answer to all your needs and none of them may be right for you but knowledge and options are power.

You can get all of Claburn’s comments about learning programming online in general, and each of the sites specifically, by reading the full article. For those of you who would like to fast track to the list, here you are:

If you’ve been thinking about learning something new – one of these might be right for you.

Happy learning!



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