no resumeYou are a busy IT professional. You may be happy in your current position or you may not, but either way, it is likely that the thought of what else lies out there for you professionally has crossed your mind. Could I make more money? Find a great place to work that is closer to home? Or perhaps in a new state? A position with more responsibility?

Aside from the fact that it takes time to search for openings (and we’re all short on that!), the thought that probably stops you in your tracks is “Oh no, I have to update my resume.” The phone rings, your next meeting starts, and another week or month goes by. Well here’s some good news – you don’t need a resume to start. You just need to get in touch with a good IT recruiter!

Seriously, a relatively short phone conversation can start you on the path. A good IT recruiter knows the industry well, the trends and hot jobs. They know what the salary market is in your area and what employers are offering for benefit packages, for all job categories and types. They know their clients, the companies that you want to work for, and they have a deep understanding of what skills and experience those companies are looking for. They know the difference between software engineers and mobile application designers, and between what a project manager, quality assurance manager and DBA do. And they know who is hiring; where the jobs are.

Once a good recruiter talks with you, they’ll know about you as well. They’ll know what your specific talents are and how you’ve used them in your career up to this point. They’ll understand what technologies and programs you’ve worked with. Most importantly, they’ll know something about you personally. What your aspirations are, what your dream job looks like and what you’re specifically looking for in your next role. They’ll actually know more about you then they would if you only submitted a resume, no matter how up-to-date it is. And you’ll have invested only 20 or 30 minutes in the process. Most likely much less time than it would have taken you to update your resume.

Once they know all this, it’s a matter of matching you to the right opening. Here’s another spot where you save time while getting results. The recruiter does the searching! They can easily determine if there’s an open position that matches your skills and interests and if it’s a good fit culturally for you. They’ll spend the time to find opportunities that are right for you.

Even more than that, they will think of you for positions that you might not have applied to yourself. It might be that you don’t know that your skills are eminently transferable to that job or industry. Or it could be that you are undervaluing yourself and don’t have a full appreciation of your worth in the market. They might discuss applying for a manager level or supervisory role that you might have shied away from. And if there is nothing that is a good fit at that moment, you just sit back and wait. They’ll keep you in mind and as soon as the right opportunity comes along, your phone will ring!

Of course eventually, you will have to send them your resume, but at that point it will be because there’s a good opportunity, worth pursuing. Plus, your recruiter can help you update your resume. We have lots of experience in this area and can share tips and best practices in general, as well as helping you tailor it to the specific job opening we’re recommending you for.

So if you are nearing the end of your latest assignment and wondering what you’ll do next, or if you’ve been in a good job for many years and are wondering what else is out there, contact a good IT recruiter. No resume needed. A simple conversation could be the start of the next exciting chapter in your career!

Wendy Sun
VP of Recruiting
ATR International, Inc.


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