adventureUnemployment.  For many people today, this word elicits a plethora of emotions.  Most Americans have been impacted by unemployment, whether personally or by witnessing a family member or friend struggling to find a new job. But today, I’d like to offer encouragement for those individuals who are currently wrestling with the stigma of this word.

Unemployed candidates are becoming equally as appealing  as employed candidates
In past years, employers were leery of candidates that were unemployed. The thinking was “this person must be unemployed for a reason.”  Fortunately, this no longer holds true as the hiring climate has changed.  Most unemployed candidates are viewed as being unemployed due to a previous employer’s economic hardship or an acquisition that may have led to a workforce reduction.  I’ve seen many clients interviewing and hiring unemployed candidates at the same pace as employed candidates.

Nothing lasts forever, not even your troubles
This includes a person’s period of unemployment.  Seldom in our adult lives, do we actually have the time to stop and reflect.  We wake up early, put the coffee on, race to work, juggle multiple projects during the day, come home, make dinner, take care of ‘items’ and fall asleep.  The cycle repeats.  Weekends can be busier than weekdays for many!  Where’s the time to stop for a minute & really decide whether you are doing what you were meant to do?  How often have you or a friend complained of being in a certain line of work?  Being unemployed can offer a unique window in time to think of new possibilities. Go online and search different jobs, read blogs about positions, expand your world, look at new schooling opportunities.  Some of the most successful people in life are those who are willing to take new risks.  Why can’t you be one of those people?

The Power of Positive Thinking
All of us can be tempted to feel insecure or not good enough at times, but these thoughts typically have no root in reality and are, simply put, rarely true.  Each person has unique gifts and talents. As a result, the way a person views themselves often determines much of their future. I have seen time and again how the power of positive thoughts leads a person to a better life. Remember that unemployment is only a season of life.  For some more thoughts on positive thinking, visit

Laura Curtin
Account Executive

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