ATR’s VTO, or Voluntary Time Off, program gives each internal ATR employee 5 paid days each year that they can use to work at a charitable organization(s) of their choosing.  This week we are focusing on Megan Scheibli and her work providing meals for the less fortunate.

VTO Spotlight
For Megan Scheibli, giving back to the community is a family value. For many years, Megan and her family have dedicated countless hours to the DeAnza Lions Club to help those who are less fortunate.

The DeAnza Lions Community Outreach Program is directed to helping disadvantaged individuals in our community by providing things such as eye glasses, financial assistance for disabled children to attend summer camp, free diabetes screening, and Thanksgiving meals to those in need.

When asked why she chose the Lions Club for her VTO, Megan simply states, “My family has always felt it is more important to give then to receive.” But giving is not a one day event in the Scheibli household. “My family has dedicated many years to helping the Lions Club. We have seen them grow from providing 20 Thanksgiving meals in a year to over 200. It’s very rewarding.”

Megan’s family is no doubt very proud of the work she does to help others, as is the ATR family.

Megan Scheibli
Megan helping out

DeAnza Lions Community Outreach Program
The food distribution center

Megan and her grandparents
Megan and her grandparents

Thank you Megan.

Jerry Brenholz 
President and CEO
ATR International

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