Tired of submitting resumes and waiting for a response? Its time to get creative. The key to landing any job is to set yourself apart. And unless your resume is beyond outstanding, you need to take a different approach. Here are a few examples of the creative things people have done.

1. Google Yourself Lately?

Alec Brownstein was a copywriter. A copywriter that wanted to work at “a really creative shop for really creative directors.” But instead of sending his resume, Alec decided to show off how creative he really was. He purchased AdWords on Google for the top 5 advertising executives at his most desirable advertising agencies. And when they Googled themselves, they saw Alec’s ad. It got him lot’s of attention and it also got him a job.

2. If You Build it, They Will Hire
Some time back I read an article about a guy who wanted to work for Lego. So instead of sending a resume, he simply did what he does best. He built things out of Legos. Buildings, statues, bridges, anything he could think of. And after he completed each one he published pictures of his creations online. Lego eventually discovered him and gave him a job.
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3. Save Me

In Ireland, the ‘jobless Paddy’ campaign got a huge amount of coverage. A marketing professional from Galway was disgruntled with the job opportunities in Ireland and was faced with having to leave the country in order to find work. As a last-ditch attempt, he paid for a high traffic billboard with the tagline ‘Save me from emigration’. The billboard included links to his social profiles where you could find out more about his expertise or support his campaign. He quickly received countless job interviews and eventually landed a job with Paddy Power. The campaign cost him €2,000 in advertising costs, but you can bet it was worth it.

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4. Interactive Resume
Talk about creative. This guy made his “resume” into an interactive video. Its funny, creative, and informative. And it got him a job.


These are just a few examples of creativity applied to the job search. What companies are you applying to? How can you set yourself apart from other applicants? There’s always a better way to do things. Take a little extra time to figure out a unique approach to get yourself noticed. Its a lot more fun than sending over a resume, and chances are, you will get better results too.

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