EEOC Interview Guide:

How to Navigate 23 Sensitive Topics

Make effective hiring decisions without probing too deep. 


The interview process is a critical time to get to know your candidates beyond their resumes. But while questions about work experience and professional skills are expected, probing deeper can feel like walking on a fine line. 


The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) sets strict rules about questions employers can ask, can’t ask, and sometimes can ask. While navigating these guidelines can be difficult, particularly in the gray areas, the pitfalls of breaking them—from reputational damage to thousands of dollars in fines—are certainly harder to overcome. 


This EEO Interview Guide will help you gain deeper insight into your applicants while avoiding penalties and upholding DE&I. Inside, you’ll find: 


  • Explanations about the legality of 23 sensitive topics 
  • Examples of EEOC illegal interview questions 
  • Exceptions that could make certain interview topics legal 


Download your free guide to hire effectively with peace of mind.