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I saw Jasmine Crowe speak at a Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) event and was instantly impressed. Jasmine is, among other accomplishments, the founder of Goodr, a food waste management company focused on helping those facing food insecurity and has a unique take on the issue. Jasmine recognized that logistics was a big issue in getting surplus food to those in need. Crowe had worked as an independent philanthropy consultant and was already an activist trying to address the problem in her local community of Atlanta. Jasmine had a bit of a revelation.

“Hunger isn’t a scarcity issue. It’s a logistical issue. There is enough food to go around. The problem is that many restaurants and corporations don’t know what to do with all of their surplus food at the end of the day and they haven’t figured out a true surplus food supply chain process.”

Goodr has developed technology that enables companies to track their surplus food from pickup to delivery. This blockchain technology makes it much easier to take advantage of available tax credits, which results in a true win-win situation: companies positively affect their bottom line while also reducing their carbon footprint and helping out individuals in the community.

Companies wanted to donate but how to do so was a big challenge. Companies with surplus food contracts with Goodr alert them when they have goods available to donate. Goodr handles everything from pick up to delivery and the technology provides the client with the ability to track their donation’s progress at all stages. The program is IRS compliant, which makes it easier for companies to benefit from tax credits for their philanthropy and logistically possible to donate.

If you know me at all you can see why this excites me! I love technology. It’s our business for one thing. One of the rewards of working in the staffing industry is feeling like a small part of the amazing things our clients do and create. I especially like it when the connection between technology and improving our world is so clear and direct. Jasmine’s vision, passion, and knowledge combined to see the challenge of hunger in a totally new light and devise a solution equally innovative. I love when technology and people combine to make the world better.

Hers is a young company; barely 2 years old and operating only in the Atlanta area so far, but Goodr is making a big difference on that scale already. They hope to generate $1 million in revenue annually within the next year and then expand. I hope San Francisco is on their list!

Learn more about Goodr here.

Hear Jasmine’s TED talk here.

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