I’m excited for 2019! Why?

Those who know me personally might say that I’m generally excited for things! I’m enthusiastic by nature and try to look at life in the most positive way (without being crazily unrealistic of course). But I am genuinely excited about this coming year.

So, again, why? Because there are so many interesting and exciting things happening!

 First, technology continues to transform our world at what seems like breakneck speed, and the new year promises to be no different. That’s creating immense opportunity for our clients, and for us. No matter what product or service your business offers, technology is no doubt an integral part of it. This in turn means that having the right technical talent is critical for any business to succeed. Life Sciences, IT, Financial Services, Healthcare – every industry needs skilled professionals. Seeing this need and knowing that we can help is one reason why I’m excited.

Second, the opportunities for job seekers are equally exciting. In fact, even the most conservative predictions show vastly more jobs than there are trained people to fill them. This means there is tremendous opportunity for our other “clients” – the consultants we place at our client companies. Helping people find work is one of the most rewarding things about working in the staffing industry. Whether it is the first rung on their career ladder, an important promotion, or a job at their dream company, it’s a great feeling! I’m so excited for the opportunities that await them and to work with them to make their dreams reality.

Third, we celebrated our 30th anniversary last year. It was wonderful looking back on 30 years in business and lots of fun to celebrate such a significant milestone together. But looking back can only be a momentary exercise – looking forward is another reason I’m excited! Last year I assumed new responsibilities when I was named CEO of ATR. I am so proud to help lead the firm that my parents founded 30 years ago. I’m equally proud to work with such a smart and dedicated team! I’m excited to continue on our path of success, building on the solid foundation of our first 30 years for an even better future.

Fourth, I’m excited because I know that we remain as committed to our clients today as when we first opened our doors. We continue to invest in new software and tools to increase productivity in all areas of our business. We evaluate our processes, stay on top of trends and new developments, and look for ways to improve. Most importantly, we continue to invest in our people to ensure that we have the resources to find the talent our clients need. And we do! We have the best people!

We also have a strong record of expansion, particularly in response to client needs. We’ve been expanding our workforce in key places in response to increased client needs and opportunities in new areas of the US and Canada. And we’re actively planning for our next strategic office location – stay tuned!

So, that’s why I am so looking forward to 2019! I am excited to continue delivering stellar services to our clients and consultants alike and am truly thrilled at the opportunities for growth and success the new year brings. I hope that you share my enthusiasm for what 2019 holds in store for us all!

If you want to work with a great staffing partner who is excited to work with clients and consultants alike, reach out to us today.


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