VTO Spotlight - Whitney Nusser helps out the North Texas Food BankMy time volunteering with the North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) was an amazing experience that I will always hold close to my heart.

I was browsing for different organizations online to volunteer with and came across the NTFB. I was very impressed with the impact they had been making on the community and their goals for the future. A hunger relief organization affiliated with Feeding America, the NTFB provides 180,000 meals per day (that’s 72 million a year!) to those in need, from children to seniors. That’s amazing!

The NTFB has been doing amazing work across 13 counties in Texas and I could not be happier to say that I was a part of it this year.

IMG_0817On our first day of volunteering, we had the opportunity to work at the distribution center in the assembly line area. We filled up boxes for eventual distribution to senior citizens in the community. The food included a wide variety of canned, non-perishable goods and other items. During our second day of volunteering, we helped to stock up the local community food pantry. I organized the soup area, filled up the drink area, and worked to create individual sized bags of fresh tomatoes.

I met so many amazing people during this time! We all started with one thing in common – we wanted to help our community over the Holidays! It was very gratifying to see what a direct impact our efforts had. The people I worked with were very motivated to help the organization and the people it serves.

Every dollar that the NTFB raises provides access to three healthy and nutritious meals for hungry people in North Texas. But the need is great and unfortunately growing. That’s why NTFB embarked on a 10-year plan to significantly increase the number of people they can help. Their goal is to significantly close the hunger gap by providing 92 million meals per year by 2025.

WhitneyNusserVTO_1The Food Bank’s overwhelmingly positive efforts to close the hunger gap in our society is an inspiration to me and many others who deeply care about improving the lives of our neighbors in the community. Volunteering with the NTFB was such a fulfilling experience! I would recommend everyone take part in something similar around their local community! You’ll not only be doing something good, you’ll feel great doing it!

by Whitney Nusser

ATR deeply cares about and appreciates those who are working to alleviate poverty and hunger in our society. You can donate to the North Texas Food Bank here and help make an impact in your local community today.


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