FranGarfinkelWHW.jpgI moved to Orange County, CA over 10 years ago. Once I settled in, I began looking for a volunteer opportunity that allowed me to use my professional experience to help others. That opportunity came when I connected with Women Helping Women (WHW).

WHW is a non-profit organization that provides unemployed and underemployed women with the resources they need to find a job that’s a good fit. They are dedicated to the mission of giving everyone in the community an opportunity to find employment. Over 1,000 volunteers contribute more than 25,000 hours of community service every year, and the results have been impressive. I was amazed to discover that 75% of the job seekers that utilize WHW find meaningful work and 90% of them keep those jobs. The service WHW has provided for our community is truly something to be proud of.

I started off volunteering on Saturdays by assisting clients in selecting professional wardrobes for interviews. My duties eventually expanded to the donation of clothing items, planning of fundraising events, and volunteering at seminars. WHW is a fantastic resource that allows me to use my work experience in the staffing industry to help those in need of employment. The services WHW provides are life changing for those struggling with unemployment and underemployment. So finding this nonprofit to volunteer at was a true gift.

I most recently volunteered at a seminar on “How to Write a Resume” by acting as an assistant to the presenter who was a professional career coach. I assisted in these efforts by adding in advice and tips for the attendees. The second part of the workshop was much more hands-on as we assisted multiple clients with their resumes in the computer lab. Volunteering at an organization like Women Helping Women helped me realize the positive impact that one person can provide to others through community service.

I hope to continue volunteering with Women Helping Women for many years to come. The Volunteer Time Off (VTO) program that ATR International provides has been very important to my volunteering efforts. I am so grateful for having the ability to volunteer at this organization and would encourage others to get out there and volunteer. Community service has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Fran Garfinkel
Account Manager – ATR International

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