As National Volunteer Month comes to an end, we wanted to take an opportunity to share our Volunteer Time Off Program and our passion for volunteering and supporting local charities. We encourage each of our internal employees to participate in our VTO Program, which offers each internal employee 5 days per year (one 40-hour work week) to volunteer at a charitable organization of their choice.

Many of our employees have volunteered for varying charitable organizations with a diverse social focus including Habitat for Humanity and the Alzheimer’s Association. ATR International truly believes that volunteering makes our organization a better place through the good deeds performed in the community. As a leader in the community, it is our social responsibility to encourage our peers to volunteer and, as a result, better the communities in which we live.

Volunteering not only allows us to better our communities, but it allows us to grow individually. We can sometimes get so caught up in our daily trials and tribulations that we forget about those who are in need of a helping hand. The goodness that we feel from even a small commitment of our time for the good of helping others is indescribable. A phrase that sums up those feelings are, “We stand much taller when we bend down to help others up.”As we continue to share our commitment to the community, we hope to inspire and encourage others to begin their own philanthropic journey. To read more about our program and our social responsibility efforts, click here!

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