We love our jobs. We love the business we’re in and the work that we do. Really!

This weekend’s Valentine’s Day inspires us to enthusiastically share this sentiment via Staffing 360 but you can find it expressed in other posts and on our website’s Meet Our Team page. Individual profiles include what we like about working in the staffing industry and at ATR. Again and again there’s a common theme that runs through them, one that our founder and CEO Jerry Brenholz has expressed frequently:

“It is incredibly rewarding and satisfying to work in the staffing industry.”

We all want work that provides something intangible as well as a paycheck, a sense of purpose and accomplishment. It is human nature that we desire both utility and personal satisfaction in our work. We want to be fulfilled through involvement with something bigger. For us, working in the staffing industry delivers that opportunity and that feeling.

Whether they are recruiters, account executives, salespeople, HR or accounting personnel, we love what we do here at ATR and how we help make both our contractors and our clients more successful.  Here’s just some of what we have to say:

“I love getting to help people with one of the most important parts of their life—their career!” Andrea Williamson, Technical Recruiter

“I really like that I get to talk to new people every day and find out what they are looking for and help them find a position that will make them happy.” Jaymeson Zarling, Technical Recruiter

“I enjoy the fulfillment that comes with helping people find work.” Katherine Roberts, HR Admin.

“I love having the opportunity to both place great people in rewarding, new careers while also meeting our client’s needs and making them more successful on a daily basis.” Dana Bowman Account Executive

“I love being able to help people pursue their career goals and dreams.” Laraine Wong, Technical Recruiter

“The ultimate reason why I enjoy working in the staffing industry is that I know I play an important role in a person’s career path.” Le Vo, Recruiter

“What I really like about my work is the thought that I’m part of something that gives people opportunities.” Ina Maget Recruiter

“My job lets me experience all aspects of the staffing industry, through the eyes of internal employees, potential consultants, and end clients. Knowing all angles of the industry helps me succeed, and since I like what I’m doing, that in turn leads to job satisfaction. We are in the business of putting people to work and that is one of the best feelings!” Drew D’Elia, Account Eecutive

“Helping both the client and the candidate gives me a sense of fulfillment.” Lucille Aviles, Recruiter

“Working in the staffing industry is rewarding because we are providing a service to companies that will impact their bottom line success immediately.” Fran Garfinkel, Account Executive

“There’s nothing more enjoyable than the feeling of accomplishment when I place someone in a new position; both the candidate and recruiter feel it. You work hard, and you get rewarded for your success in several ways but in the end, the most significant reward is the “thanks” you get from the hired professional.” Marina Berg, Technical Recruiter

“I love playing a part in finding jobs for people!  There is such a sense of satisfaction!” Ana Marie Serrano, Administrative Assistant

“I enjoy getting to know my clients better and really understanding their business needs and goals. It helps me do a better job finding the right solutions and I love the feeling of satisfaction I get helping them run their departments well and reach those goals.” Janice Yoshimoto, Account Executive

There are other things people like about their jobs here too. The industry is dynamic and each day is different. You’re never bored! You meet lots of interesting people from all different backgrounds. We like working with our clients. They do interesting work and we like feeling that we contribute to their success.

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Now, we’re not crazy or mindlessly positive. We understand that work is work and we have tough days just like everyone. Everything doesn’t always go your way and some tasks that our work involves are not as enjoyable as others. Every job has its moments of the mundane. The staffing world is not for everyone. But overall it is a wonderful feeling to know that our efforts make a difference and that our work has meaning and contributes to our society.

And so, we love our jobs!  Hopefully you do too. There are lots of great rewarding types of work in the world and we want everyone to be as satisfied as we are. Let us know what you find rewarding or satisfying in your work. And if you want help finding your next rewarding position – send us your resume!


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