There are so many resources to help with your job search. But which one’s are best and free at the same time. We’ve talked to our recruiters and here’s what they recommend.

1. Resume Templates
There are numerous places to find resume templates. A simple Google search will turn up more than you’ll know what to do with. But don’t just search for “resume templates,” be more specific and search for “marketing resume templates” or “software engineer resume templates.” The more targeted you can be, the more useful your search results will be.

Another good place to find general resume templates is in Microsoft Word. Open Word, click on the File tab at the top left, select New, and then in the Templates search field type “resume.”

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2. Indeed Job Alerts
Indeed is a great place to look for a job. It aggregates job postings from across the Internet resulting in a single, comprehensive job search. But that’s not where the goodness ends. Indeed also offers job alerts. Simply create an account and set up your search parameters. It can alert you to new jobs at certain companies, in a specific town or city, by keyword, by salary level; there are many ways to focus and sort the results. Indeed will then email you each morning with new jobs that match what you are looking for. This free feature couldn’t make finding a job much easier.

3. Staffing Firms
The services of a staffing firm are always free to job seekers. The key is to find a recruiter that specializes in your field of work and send him/her your resume. The recruiter will then match your resume to their current openings to see if there is a match. Recruiters get paid when they place qualified candidates for their clients so they will often go the extra mile to make sure your resume is formatted correctly and that you are prepared for any interviews. Free advice and services that some people pay for. You can send your resume to multiple recruiters too.

4. LinkedIn Profile
You have a LinkedIn profile, right? Right? Be sure it is optimized for your job search. LinkedIn has produced a video that explains how to do this.

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Job Search Success

5. LinkedIn Network
Instead of starting your job search with job posts, consider starting it with the people in your network. Take a look at where they work and who they are connected to. Also look to see what companies they have worked for in the past. Are any of these companies of interest to you? Can your contacts provide introductions or advice that can help?

Another great feature offered by LinkedIn is their Job Search. Click on the “Jobs” link at the top of the page and then scroll down to “Jobs in Your Network.” These are companies that are hiring where you have a LinkedIn connection. It’s a great tool.

6. PayScale
Ever wondered what you are worth? Using crowdsourcing techniques, PayScale has compiled the worlds largest database of salary information. With over 40 million data points, PayScale offers a number of tools that help you figure out exactly what a position should pay, and it’s free.

7. Glassdoor
This popular site is unique in that it allows employees and former employees to rate their company and the company’s management. It’s a great resource for getting an inside peek at the inner workings of any company. You can find out the good, the bad and the ugly, which can be helpful in your search, but remember that everyone’s experience at a firm isn’t the same. Take things with a grain of salt.

8. Jobscan
Jobscan claims to triple your chances of getting an interview. I’m not sure if that is completely accurate, but it is a very handy service. Simply paste your resume in Box #1 and paste a job description in Box #2. Jobscan will analyze both and give you suggestions for keywords that are missing in your resume. In other words, it helps you optimize your resume for the position. This technology is based on the omnipresent Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) that are used by most companies these days. Jobscan claims to help get your resume through the technology gate-keeper and in front of human eyes. You get 5 free scans per month. There is a fee for more.  

(Bonus) 9. Dice
If you are a technology professional, Dice is a must for your job search. It is the single, go to site for companies looking to find technical talent. Other job boards will have technical jobs, but Dice is widely considered the “career hub” for technical talent.



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